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Recognize me? ^_^

There is more knowledge related to Permaculture then anyone could learn in a lifetime….

The problem of information overload is quite common nowadays and within the field of Permaculture it is no different. Information comes to us through different kinds of media, at different times and places and in different formats. It can be overwhelming!

When I first fell in love with Permaculture I remember reading every book I could find, every website out there and watching every documentary I could get my greedy hands on :) I tried out even more things! Perhaps failing more than succeeding.

After a while though, I noticed I had reached a saturation point, a point at which I had to put all of this information into some kind of framework. I remember hoping this framework was provided in the PDC, so I started looking for one.
In hindsight the PDC did indeed give me that framework I was looking for. It was just difficult to fully recognize it, as it still being absorbed. Now I have absorbed it and am applying it to this website, Permaculture design applied to Information Technology :*)
Permaculture IT for short.

By the time you finish reading this page you’ll understand that this website is made to help you along in your Permaculture journey, here’s how I work on bringing you the best information:

  • I am creating the most indepth, content rich, Permaculture events database that exists.
  • On the Fair you can find many resources like books, eBooks, tools, schematics and I invite you to add your own!
  • The Blog is filled with feature rich content.

Having said that, I propose you dive right in and explore what great things the Permaculture movement has to offer :Y)
Read the two introductions below for a more indepth explanation of the Events page and the Fair.

Find Permaculture Events


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Searching for events


Once on the Events page, you can either sort through the events by hand or do a search. You can search for:

  • A keyword like ‘Rocket Mass Heater’, or ‘PDC’.
  • Search for a city, a country or continent.
  • After filtering like this, you can select a date.

Press Enter to update your search!
Have fun! B)

Found an event?

In the left column you will find a description of the event.

In the right column you can find specifics like:

  • Organizer Information
  • Date and time
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Website of the organizer
  • Links to their social media accounts

In the bottom right you can quickly share this event on your social media.

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I’m working hard to add all kinds of courses and events to the database. Here is how you can stay up to date:


Add an event

You are more than welcome to add your own events to the database. I will do my best to promote them throughout my social network.


Start adding your event now!

The Fair


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The fair is a place where permies can share and sell things and services.

  • Books
  • eBooks
  • Tools
  • Howto’s and blueprints
  • Designers
  • Courses and events


You can find things by clicking on the different categories and there is a search as well.

Within the product pages you can either download the item for free or add it to your cart.

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Want a stand?

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Who am I?

My name is Bram van Overbeeke, and if I had to describe myself in one sentence it would probably be ‘A Hyperactive Permaculture Nerd’.
I was a pretty regular kid that grew up in the Netherlands, I struggled with ADHD and spent most of my childhood nerding out on this new thing called ‘the internet’.

Educated to be a Biomedical Engineer, I ended up working for the pharmaceutical industry and with testlab animals. After about two years I found out I just couldn’t do it any more. I love animals and believe that there is no justification for making them suffer in the name of science or ‘human health’.

So I quit.

That left me with no job, and no real future (at least not one that I studied for). I started to travel, and joined different protest movements. I learned about the destruction humans are wrecking on the planet and me and my friends tried with all our might to stop it. In some cases we were pretty effective too!

After about two years of trying I figured out this was not a sustainable way of living… Close to full mental breakdown I decided to take it more slow and spend more time in nature. This meant working on ecological farms, which is where I finally looked into this thing called Permaculture….

I fell in Love.

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