On this page you can read a bit more on permaculture, my vision for this website, and myself.


Permaculture means a lot of things to a lot of different people.

To me it is a system of design, which aims for the sustainable habitation of planet earth. 
Permaculture to me is not something you do, or visit. Permaculture is something you use.
Like a spirit-level. You use a spirit-level to get a desired result; to level out a table for instance. You don’t want the spirit-level as the desired result. It is used in the process of making a level table.

In the same way we use Permaculture as a tool to design a sustainable world. The sustainable culture is what we aim for, Permaculture is one tool to produce that outcome.

My vision

If I imagine this website in 5 years I see a network through which many people have found the information or course they seek.

Like some kind of mycelial network I imagine an active hub of permies, describing the courses, products and guides to be found throughout the wider permaculture community.

I see people making great connections, finding partners and inspiration alike.

I see people earning a livelyhood through the sale of books, guides, courses, blueprints, art and consultations.

I see clients meeting designers, land being improved and lots and lots of exciting projects and positive enthusiasm.

I see this resource grow as the need for it expands because of climate change, peak oil and resource wars.

A positive response to a negative time period.

About me

As I described on the front page, I’m a bit of a geek. I pick up things related to Information Technology rather fast.

Growing up I spend a lot of time in and around nature, but at some point in my teenage years the Internet came along. I was drawn to this and build and managed many websites, forums and newsletters.

One of my biggest passions is to be of service to people. Think of it as People Care :)

Both my parents were professional caregivers and I think I will be eternally grateful for the lessons they have taught me in this.

I am also quite a hyperactive person. Short attention span. I am giving it my all in this website but there is a good chance that I will sometimes just drop the ball and get distracted :7

That is why I am creating this website to be as open as possible. I am counting on you to help me make this website a success :) The Permaculture world is too big to list here by myself.

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