So, The Fair…

What is this supposed to be? In order to give a good description of the fair, I will look at a real life fair. What kind of things will you find there?

  • Artisans or craftspeople with their products
  • Designers or people with other skillsets that don’t produce products that can be caried along (gardens, big art instalations, etc)
  • People promoting their events or courses
  • NGO’s promoting their good works
  • Book stands
  • Musicians, poets and writers

And online?

Either way, a majority of these kinds of stands can be also be applied to online work. So what I imagine the Fair to become is a place where Permaculture people can offer their skills, their products or produce, their skills and especially their information. This can be for free or for sale, this would be up to the person producing it.

I truly encourage the sharing of free information. And folks should do so and can use the Fair to do it. This does not, however mean that just because some information or product is shared for free, all of it should be given away.

Right Livelyhood
I would encourage people to put a price on their skills and products.
In a society that is not ruled by capitalist thinking, there will still be a need for currency.
The sooner someone gets used to the idea of putting a price on what they produce, the sooner they can get out of their current job or financial situation. This means building something called a Right Livelyhood, an income of some sort that they can trade for what cannot be produced by themselves.
Earning a right livelyhood means earning a living by doing the things you are good at whilst not causing unnecessary harm to other living beings.

Fair Share versus Equal Value Exchange
There are folks within the Permaculture community that believe that Fair Share is the full and final description of the third ethic. Which can be interpreted to mean that everything that is produced by someone should be shared fairly/freely amongst others.
I am not amongst the people that believe this interpretation to be true.
There is an amazing amount of effort that gets put into something, and an exchange can take place to encourage this behavior to be repeated and continued. In nature, there is no species that only gives and nothing else, everyone gives and takes.
One way to describe the way nature resolves these situations, is a Fair Value Exchange. This means a deal can be struck between two individuals and they can figure out between themselves what their fair price for something might be.
No taxes, trade deals, governments, third parties or unions need to be involved for this transaction to occur fairly. Humans are innately intelligent and just beings, they will figure out what is fair and equal if left undisturbed.

Permacultural Eco-nomy
Simply put: Permaculture is in the process of producing its own flows or networks of money and trade, and I have created The Fair to encourage and support this process. I hope it will benefit those that visit and participate!

In the next post I will write about the Event Calender that can be found on this website.

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