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Integral Permaculture Design Course Online

This is the first of the two Intermediate Courses we offer.
The PDC+ is the basic Integral Permaculture Design Course, it includes the regular PDC but goes into a lot more depth (with 30 extra classes) on some topics which we think are essential for good project management.

This Integral Permaculture Certificate, includes more support and direction to help you focus on the application of the principles to your life and projects.

Who is it for?
This program is ideal for people who have already started studying or doing Permaculture, whether formally or informally, and want to move and improve their practical projects with good design support, and keep learning with practice.

It is ideal if you have taken a regular PDC and want to deepen your understanding and practice of this important design science.
It is the minimum level of support we advise for anyone participating in a Transition Initiative or other important sustainability project.

Quick OverView

This is a more advanced than Option B, not only because in terms of content, as it includes 30 more classes where we go into a lot more depth in the modules that usually are left aside (People Care, Economy, Technology). But also we provide more opportunities to deepen understanding and to integrate the subjects of each class, in order to take full advantage of the rich contents of this course, which are assimilated much better the more we relate to them, through dialogue & in relationship with your experience & that of others.

The dialogues are important in that we can catch whether you’ve really understood a new model given in the classes, or whether it has just fitted into the old ways of thinking. Which is more common than we like to realize… But of course this depends on how much you decide to share about your understanding!



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