Hey there!

So yeah, its been a few days and I’ve taken on the idea for me to write little progress updates about the building of this website. The idea will be that you can see that I’m working on this, and that its slowly evolving and that later on we can look back and see how its changed since the beginning.

So in the last few days I’ve been struggling my way through lots of instructions and guides about the two main plugins I chose for this website: WC Vendors and GAM Event Manager. The idea is that once things are finished, people will be able to post an event to the event listing and promote their events like that. These events can range from anything as short and simple to organize as a meetup or potluck dinner to two week PDCs to years long Permaculture Diploma options.

Like I said in my previous post I want to create a one stop website for people to find what they need, without all the clicking around different websites, using different payment platforms and having to sign up to many different email lists and whatnot. For this to work I want the website to have a kind of shop functionality like you probably have seen around on the internet. But this is not just a shop that is run only by me, you can open your own stand here as well. Kindof open and for all the Permaculture community!
Seeing as these are two different plugins written by different programmers I have to work and test to make them cooperate within this website. It can be quite challenging¬†and I guess boring if you’re not into this stuff. For me its like reading a good book, you can’t seem to put it down even if you need to :)

As I write this I think I might do a series of posts explaining exactly my aims with this website and how it will benefit the Permaculture community. These short posts don’t do justice what I exactly want the website to become, the vision in my head is a lot bigger than what is put into reality until now .

So, in the next few days look for a post that explains The Fair!

See you around!


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